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J. Gordon Lippincott
J. Gordon Lippincott
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Lippincott, J. Gordon

Carroll Gantz
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J. Gordon Lippincott
J. Gordon Lippincott

US industrial designer who graduated from Swarthmore College in 1931 as an engineer, and obtained a Master’s degree in architecture and civil engineering at Columbia University. He joined the faculty at Pratt in 1936 with Donald Dohner and assisted in the establishment of its design education program. He began consulting as an industrial designer while teaching and wrote Economics of Design in 1937. He opened a design office in New York with Donald Dohner in 1943, which was known as Dohner & Lippincott, in partnership with the Douglas T. Sterling Company of Stamford, CT. Upon Dohner's death, Lippincott continued editing of the industrial design section of Interiors magazine, and the firm became J. Gordon Lippincott and Company in 1944. In 1944 Walter Margulies (See below) joined him and the firm became Lippincott & Margulies. Lippincott wrote Design for Business, published by Paul Theobold in 1947. Lippincott retired in 1969, selling his interests to Margulies, and engaged in travel, investments and consulting.

100 Years of Design consists of excerpts from a book by Carroll M. Gantz, FIDSA, entitled, Design Chronicles: Significant Mass-produced Designs of the 20th Century, published August 2005 by Schiffer Publications, Ltd.
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