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Croatian EV Maker Rimac Launches Verne to Revolutionize Autonomous Ride Share

Design News - Thu, 2024-06-27 14:06
The carmaker is used to exploding expectations, so maybe its new Verne subsidiary can solve the robo-taxi puzzle.

Tech Advances Congregate in Tomorrow’s Buildings

Design News - Thu, 2024-06-27 10:46
Latest sensors, lots of data, and AI teaming to make buildings smarter.

Custom Bike Seats Created with 3D Printing

Design News - Wed, 2024-06-26 18:36
3D printing company, Carbon, is producing one-off bike saddles designed for individual riders.

3D AI, Robotics, and Immersive Reality Brighten Manufacturing’s Future

Design News - Wed, 2024-06-26 12:46
3D digital twins, advanced sensors, and AR/VA are boosting efficiency, automation, and productivity in manufacturing.

Sensors the Key to Feeding Growing Population

Design News - Wed, 2024-06-26 08:45
Tech CEO at Sensors Converge keynote adamant sensors will help farmers meet goal of growing more food with fewer workers.

Goodyear Racing Takes on Le Mans

Design News - Wed, 2024-06-26 02:01
The American tire giant took 7,500 tires for 39 cars to the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Moving from EagleCad to KiCad

Design News - Tue, 2024-06-25 19:05
With AutoDesk discontinuing support for EagleCAD, non-commercial users need an economical and flexible CAD alternative.

Actuonix Motion Devices Launches Innovative T16-R Series Linear Track Servo

Design News - Tue, 2024-06-25 18:50
The T16-R series from Actuonix provides advanced linear motion solutions that cater to a variety of applications.

3 Tips to Automating Tests for Embedded Systems

Design News - Tue, 2024-06-25 17:45
Test automation allows developers to focus on development while allowing the quality of the product to be continuously tested and monitored.

HP Advances Its HP Metal Jet and HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers

Design News - Tue, 2024-06-25 13:52
HP’s Metal Jet S100 Printing Solution is now equipped with new capabilities to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Laser technology for EV battery recycling

Design News - Tue, 2024-06-25 07:22
Trumpf says its new laser process speeds the separation of EV battery materials.

Materialise and nTop Partner to Push Boundaries of Additive Manufacturing

Design News - Mon, 2024-06-24 21:18
The Materialise/nTop collaboration resulted in a high-performance 3D-printed cylinder head for Wärtsilä with enhanced cooling and weight reduction.

Bugatti Raises the Standard Again with the $4 Million, 1,800-hp Tourbillon

Design News - Mon, 2024-06-24 17:00
Bugatti has finally replaced its Veyron/Chiron-generation products with a fresh start.

Are There Cheaper Alternatives to Apple’s Vision Pro?

Design News - Mon, 2024-06-24 07:00
This teardown examines whether less expensive AR/VR headsets can meet spatial computing needs.

Talent Talk: What Do 43% of Job Postings Have in Common? They’re Fake

Design News - Mon, 2024-06-24 01:58
Many of the listings you see on major job boards are, in fact, “ghost postings.”