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Ladies, Engineering Needs You

Wed, 2017-04-26 13:22
April 27, 2017Embedded Systems Conference - BostonSuzanne DeffreeElectronics & TestHear from successful women in STEM fields on what can be done to increase diversity in engineering, professional challenges and opportunities, and more at ESC Boston.

Steve Wozniak: Human Over Technology

Tue, 2017-04-25 09:09
April 25, 2017ATX East - New YorkSuzanne DeffreeAutomation & Motion ControlElectronics & Test, Design Hardware & Software, Consumer Products, MedicalMaintaining a creed of human over technology has served Apple and its co-founder Steve Wozniak well over the last four decades. In this Q&A, Wozniak discusses how making technology work for people brought about the Apple II and shares his thoughts on artificial intelligence, robotics, do-it-...

Brain-Stem-Storming on Cognitive Systems and Advanced Technologies

Mon, 2017-04-24 13:28
April 26, 2017Embedded Systems Conference - BostonMax MaxfieldElectronics & TestConsumer Electronics, Electronics & Test, Design Hardware & SoftwareIn the context of embedded systems, I've started using the term "Advanced Technologies" to refer to things like cognitive (thinking/reasoning) systems, artificial neural networks, deep learning, machine vision, virtual and augmented realities.

Nanofilm Acts as Electronic-Device Tattoo for Wearables Apps

Mon, 2017-04-24 10:47
April 25, 2017Electronics & TestElizabeth MontalbanoResearchers have developed processes and materials for electronic-device tattoos, taking wearables to the next level.

Sculpture Becomes 1st Artwork 3D-Printed in Space on ISS

Mon, 2017-04-24 10:32
April 27, 2017Elizabeth MontalbanoMaterials & AssemblyA sculpture that represents human laughter has become the first piece of art to be 3D-printed in space thanks to a collaboration between NASA, Made In Space, and the Israeli artist Eyal Gever.3D Printing

Brown Recluse Spider Offers Clues to Developing Stronger Materials

Mon, 2017-04-24 10:21
April 24, 2017Elizabeth MontalbanoMaterials & AssemblyResearchers are studying the way the brown recluse spider spins its webs to provide clues for developing stronger and lighter-weight materials, such as those that can be used in space.Materials

Smart Building Automation Leverages System-Integrated, PC-Based Control

Mon, 2017-04-24 09:47
April 27, 2017Al PresherAutomation & Motion ControlIndustrial standards for automation and control, multi-core processing and integration with media technologies offer new options for smart buildings.IoT

Prepare to Network Furiously at ESC Boston 2017

Sun, 2017-04-23 22:11
April 25, 2017Embedded Systems Conference - BostonMax MaxfieldElectronics & TestESC is a wonderful opportunity to meet up with old friends and to network furiously with new ones.

Meet the Brain Behind ESC Boston 2017

Sun, 2017-04-23 20:15
April 24, 2017Embedded Systems Conference - BostonMax MaxfieldElectronics & TestWe're going to have some very exciting news regarding the session, "Building an Artificial Brain" at ESC Boston!