Making of the Modern World

The Science Museum
John Murray (Publishers) Ltd.
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Making of the Modern World contains a series of precise, informative pieces about "one hundred key developments in science, technology, and medicine."

Edited by Neil Cossons (Director of the Science Museum), with Andrew Nahum and Peter Turvey, the book manages to balance presenting both the well-known and the less-familiar. It also manages to avoid the "boring" side of "informative."

Philip Sayer's beautiful photographs manage to convey the fascination inherent in the existence of each item. He almost never uses the dull, standard "museum exhibit" method of presentation, instead opting to photograph the objects from a variety of interesting, unique perspectives.

The book has a Bibliography, but a few entries rely on two sources--and some merely one. Of course, a single source, in some circumstances, may be all that is needed. All the same, it is recommended that the reader double-check if it appears more sources are needed.


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