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Paul Specht History Timeline

Date Images Description Key Words
1998 Wringable mop Freudenberg. Paul Specht
2000 Mop, mop element, & mop element assembly Freudenberg. Paul Specht
2001 Self-Wringing flat Freudenberg. Mop Freudenberg. Paul Specht
Electric toothbrush Unilever Home & Personal Care
Self=Wringing flat Freudenberg
Mop Freudenberg. Wring mop Freudenberg. Cleaning implement Freudenberg. Mop & mop element Freudenberg. Paul Specht
Golf club Chapel Golf, Inc.
Golf clubs & methods of manufacture Chapel Golf, Inc. Paul Specht
Broom, method, & broom display Freudenberg
Paul Specht
Scrubbing device Todd A. Williams
Paul Specht
Twist mop, Freudenberg
Paul Specht
2009 Patent applied for roof tape and nail dispenser. Paul Specht